Tuesday, 1 December 2015

WALT understand





Leaf litter

Egg tooth

The crocodile mother makes a mound and watches over the eggs in the mound by camouflaging in the water.The crocodiles gender depends on the type of heat in the mound for a girl it’s a cold temperature and for a boy it’s a hot temperature and they break out with their egg tooth. After they hatch the mother carries in her mouth to the water.
Life is hard and full of dangers for the little crocs. The little crocs that survive the dangerous few months have to look after themselves. 

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Maths challenge capacity

Monday, 30 November 2015

Maths measuring challenge

Paper clip 10cm 
Container 10cm
Staplers 10cm
Yellow pencil 10cm 
Blue stick 10cm

Blue painted line 1m 
White painted line 1m
Table 1m 
Tv 1m
Wood 1m

Door into the hallway times it by 5 10m
Door in the hallway times it by 5 10m
Ruler times ten 10m
Door in the office times it by 5 10m
Brown table times it by 20 10m

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Walt analysing

What I'm doing: advertising a product
What I'm advertising: a invention from the story 
What I will do make them want it: I will try make seem cool and like they would want to have it

Walt applying


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

WALT creating

What I am making: a pair of shoes that make you go as fast as lightning 
Who it is for: baa baa bear
What I need: my imagination and some Lego 
How does it help: it helps baa baa bear to go so fast the big bad wolf can't catch him

WALT remembering

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WALT evaluate the story by acting out the most dramatic part!

Kapai Kōrua! I like the way you both acted out the most dramatic part from the story. Maybe next time you could make sure some one reads it as you are acting it out. Ngā Mihi


Success Criteria:

It's a nonsense poem - it still needs to make sense - but it can be silly (Luke)
Your meant to rhyme with it and it's silly - Jamie
It's like a funny poem - Phoenix
The rhyming words need to be real words - Logan
That it is a non - realistic poem - Arisha
The rhyming has to be in a pattern - 2 lines rhyme then the next 2 have to rhyme and the last one Rhymes with the first 2 - Qwade
Aabba - Milania
There are five sentences - Quentin

WALT complete a limerick, choosing a word from a choice of words.

Complete and copy out these limericks in your best handwriting or on a device. Remember to keep to the same line lengths, so that the rhyming words are at the end of lines.

Maths challenge

Math challenge 


Quentin:2m 95cm
Phoenix: 7m 75cm
Quiana: 6m 38cm
Quentin: 2m 37cm
Quiana:4m 38cm

Distance Challenge - Each person in your group has to make a paper plane and measure how far it can fly inside the hall and outside. Make sure you have a starting point. Make sure you decorate it!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Maths challenge number 1

Weighing Challenge - Weigh a variety of objects and find at least 5 pairs that weigh the same from the around the School.

1: soft shot put and tennis weighs 0.2 or 0.3 grams 
2: 9 numbered dice and 6 numbered dice weighs 0.2 grams 
3: 20 numbered dice and scissors weighs 0.3 grams 
4: pencil and pen weighs 0.1 grams 
5: vivid and highlighter weighs 0.1 grams 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WALT understanding

What I'm doing: retelling the story 
The story's name: goldilocks 
Story writer: Joy Cowley 
Why I am doing it: to make it sound cooler and different 
The characters in the story: Big Bad Wolf, Pa bear, Ma bear, Baa Baa bear, Goldilocks        

Once upon a time, three bears went for a long walk in the forest. There was Pa bear, Ma bear and tiny little baa baa bear (he's a lamb). He was adopted but Ma and Pa bear love him dearly. The lovely bear family came to a house in the forest. We have done it again said Pa bear. "We have walked slap bang into the Goldilocks story." " Same old house," said Ma bear same old table. Same old porridge. "Delicious!" yelled baa baa bear as he stared down the porridge, then scoffed down the whole lot. "No no no, that's not how the story goes" said Pa bear told them. There were three chairs in the living room. Pa bear sat in the first chair, "this is to big" he said. Ma bear sat in the second chair, "this is to small" said Ma bear. Baa baa bear didn't sit in a chair, he sat in a big comfy couch while watching tv. "No no no, that's not how you the story goes" said Ma bear. At that moment the door flew open with a loud bang. In came a lady with a red bag and black hair. "You are definitely not goldilocks" cried Ma bear and Pa bear. "Well do I look like goldilocks?" "No!" "I'm Bo Peep, and I'm looking for my sheep." "Who are you?" "I'm Pa bear," "I'm Ma bear" "and I'm Baa Baa bear." "You're not a bear" cried Bo Peep. "You are wooly with pointy paws." "He's adopted we love him dearly." At that moment the door flew open with a crash and in came goldilocks. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!" She yelled. She put here on her hips. "Oh no," 'not the the three bears again!" "This story has gone totally off track!" Cried poor Pa bear. "Bo peep says our dear son is one of her lost sheep." "Bo who?" Said goldilocks, grabbing at Bo Peep. Off came the blue hat and the black hair. "See?" Said goldilocks, "your miss Bo Peep is the Big Bad wolf! In the red bag is also BQQ sauce." "Our son our son." "Cried Pa bear and Ma bear." Goldilocks turned to the Big Bad wolf and yelled "get out of my story." The Big Bad Wolf ran away like a cheetah. He sat in the forest, his head in his paws and cried. "How can get into a fairy tail where I live happily ever after?" He sobbed. He thought for a long time and then he smiled a big smile. "I know" he said. "I'll go and find the story of the little red hen."

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Maths capacity

Big bottle 2.25 litres
Bowl 2.8 litres
Yogurt container 800 ml

Capacity: the maximum amount that something can contain - how much can hold

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Monday, 21 September 2015

Wearable art reflection

How do I feel about my learning? Astonished by how many people were there and was filled with joy seeing different creations
What have I learned about the topic? What do I know? I learnt there was a boy in Japan that touches people's faces and steels pillows and from another story its meaning was don't something that's not yours, but if you do consiquensis will come your way 
What have I learnt to do? Make little cute bracelet things and it takes a lot of time to make
What are some of the questions do I still have? What does your costume mean? How long did it take to make it?
What do I need to work on? Making my wearable art by myself but if I need I will ask for a bit of help
What were the things I liked? I liked working with my mum
What were the difficult things? Putting on my cloak at the regent
What has the topic got to do with your life? How can I apply this? By creating things like we have been doing in class

Maths challenge