Sunday, 8 February 2015

What I am

                              We are learning to describe        (Draft writing)                                            
       Tena Koutou my name is Quentin. My eyes are browner than a kiwis fur. My hair is blackish brownish like my dad. I love to play rugby and building lego. My favourite team is the all blacks. I'm part Scottish and completely Te reo. I like  to wear scruffy shorts with a t shirt but sometimes I have to have a jursey. I am very sporty. I'm kind to everyone. I love to encourage others. I love math,reading and writing. I play on technology a lot.I have a younger brother who is in Fiona's class and my sister goes to ross intermediate. My mum works at rss. My dad is a brick layer. My skin colour is olive. My tribes are Ngati Apa and  Whanau-a-Apanui. My favourite movie is Paddington bear,Big Hiro 6  and penguins of Madagascar. I love being happy. I love to do schoolwork. I am awesome. My friends are jamie,Caid,Javier and keanan. I hate drying the dishes in the morning and night. My family is awesome,exiting,excellent and crazy. My favourite food is chocolate. My favourite drink is a fluffy. I hated one day I was playing rugby running to the try line, everyone was cheering then suddenly... Boompa! I was tackled outside of the felied. 

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  1. Kia ora Quentin, I really like the way you have given the reader lots of information about you. Maybe next time you could make sure your words are all spelt correctly. Thank you, rosie