Monday, 30 March 2015

WALT write a thank you letter

Dear Wendy                                            Russell street 25 russell street school
                                                                        31st March 2015

Thank you for Watching over us while we made dessert and helped us to try not to get burnt from the boiling,hot fiery pan. Also thank you for having your eagle eyes on us on the gorge walk and being a guard from all the creepy animals all around.    

Thank you

From Quentin 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Marae writing

                                 On Tuesday March the 17th is a day I went a marae.   (Draft)
We were at the hall getting ready to go to the Marae in Woodville. One of the elder's welcomed us in to the whare Nui. After we had a powhiri. Then it was brunch. After brunch we started the activities. My group was with Troy making music with rakau. After that we did ti rakau with Rosie and learnt different actions and words in maori. Soon we did photography with Jess and took photos of things at the Marae. Then it was lunch. After lunch the group's started and my group was plating with Fiona. We used flax to make fish. Our last activity was with Darren. We learnt these word's homai Te Pune homai Te paoka and homai Te naihi. Soon we did some drawing's of the carving's. Within hour's the juniors and the senior's shared their Pepeha. Finally the juniors left. Soon we were told it was afternoon tea. We finished and were told to get ready our bed's. Once we finished it was dairy writing for day one. Soon it was free time but unfortunately two groups (which was mine and another) had to make dinner and dessert. My group was making dessert. Wendy was the adult with us. We gathered the ingredients and mixed them. Soon we started to pour them in the pan. When we finished it was dinner and soon it was time for puding. After that it was story telling. We listened to some fantastic stories but then it was my turn. I was telling the story of how the kahawai came to motu. Once a few more people shared their story it was supper. Once we finished supper it was time for bed we got changed ( but the boy's didn't get changed with the girl's) and brushed our teeth and went to sleep.        

Wrote by Quentin Durston 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fraser tartan

Fraser castle

  1. Castle Fraser is the most elaborate Z-plan castle in Scotland and one of the grandest 'Castles of Mar'. It is located near Kemnay in the Aberdeenshire region of Scotland.

Maori paterns

      These to are together 

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Term one value 
 My comment: I think I need to get and give a bit of feedback and I also helped Qwade put his pillow and blanket away

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015


          WALT understand the story making a double bubble map
         Charchters: Melissa Peter Evan mr James 


         Different. Melissa
    Different. Peter

  Caid thought I was in the middle of proficient and advanced 


My Tribe story