Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Walt change the ending of a book

Basketball star Chris Smile clapped his hands with pleasure as his team won against the Golden state warriors. That nice mate mr Beansack just phoned to tell him not worry about his vampire story. He had given it to the children at the kindergarten and they wrote their own book for the kindergarten together. James was sure his coach would appreciate the good news. He ran in his sports shoes to his coaches office and said in a exciting voice" um coach, mr Beansack has done something awesome with his vampire book!" "What?" The very modern publisher did not give Chris a chance to say more. He thumped his desk and yelled with hurricane force, "DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT VAMPIRES!" Chris stepped backwards and put his hands out. "Look at this!" The publisher threw a bundle of loose pages at the Basketball star. A ghost story from Jennifer gardener. Would you believe it? The award-winning children's novelist writes a heap of trashy nonsense about a haunted house! What's wrong with writer? Don't they know the rules? As the last pages fell to the ground at Chris's feet, the very modern publisher threw another book. And this! He screamed. More spook garbage! A ghost poem full of gadzooks and forsooths! Not even typed! Terrible handwriting from someone called jake Ramsbottom! Chris stared as the books fluttered to the carpet. Blake shakespeare he said. Isn't he a famous Hollywood actor? The publisher glared over the top of his Star Wars glasses. If he is, he should stick to the stage! He snapped. Get me a coffee, Chris. Milk and 2 sugars. Chris smile quickly scooped up the books and ran back to his office to brew coffee and watch basketball. The very worst job in this place was sending rejection letters to authors. He hated doing that! But looking on the bright side, thanks to mr beansack at least one monster story had found its way to young readers.

    Sha says: Well, what a start to a story, it has a great hook with the basketball star and coach also working as editors. There is clear evidence that there is a conflict between the two characters and the type of stories they like, which sets the story up for interesting twist and turns as Chris tries to work around this. I look forward to reading more!


  1. Wow, What a really long story Quentin!
    Very good :D
    It sounds very entertaining :D
    (The only word I could mostly see was "Vampires" Which somehow entertained me O O


  2. Good work I love this keep it up

  3. well done this is amazing

  4. Wow this is great ur getting better at wrighting

  5. i like the way you put your own basketball players