Tuesday, 4 August 2015


WALT write a recount about an idea we had in our writers notebook.

Success Criteria - Co constructed

we need our plan beside us to look at our ideas
make sure it's true and it makes sense
put it in the right order
use descriptive words - e.g. enormous, giant, speechless, flabbergasted etc
proof reading ask someone else to read it
use a dictionary / thesaurus - make your writing more interesting to draw the reader in
use punctuation
use the highlighter strategy - gold for goal and pink for think

It was a dark freezing stormy morning. The moon was awake. Dad and I were chatting, I said to dad"wow it feels like we're in Antartica!" Jaden and my teeth where chattering at the speed of lightning. Jaden and I were so cold we wanted to go inside by the mahana heater! 

Dad was wearing a big jumper that he usually wears to his daily time with koroua. He always comes home as a humongous, dirty monster or a gigantic dirty gorilla. Jaden and I were wearing a big giant jacket to keep our selves mahana.

I was blown away by how many colourful things there were outside, like the twinkling stars, colourful cars, shinning lights, gleaming grass and dads icy car. I loved seeing all the colourful things. I wonder when I will see all the colourful things again.

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