Wednesday, 16 September 2015


WALT write a mystery 

"That's weird " thought mum, as she and Chris walked down the cookie aisle. "Ben is no where to be found!" " calm down" said Chris "we will tell the shop owner to watch out for a baby on the loose!" "Wait" said mum, if we do that they will call the police!" Said mum. But said Chris if you don't, you won't have much grandchildren." "True but, we can look with are eyes and eventually we will find Ben" 
Said mum.

Success Criteria:

Make the story exciting - by adding juicy, descriptive words,
Plan - use a variety of planning tools, like mind maps and story mountains etc
Plot - you need to know what's happening next
Clues to make it a mystery
Problem - to be solved
Beginning - draw the reader in by setting the scene - crime scene
make sure it's in the right order,
Characters - investigators, culprit, (the person who committed the crime), suspects (people you may question about the crime that may have been involved)
need to be ordinary people
solve the mystery

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