Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Myth\legend writing

I was writing a myth for writing 

Walt write a myth\legend
Many,many,many years ago. 4 men named Quentin, Todd, Jakob and Ian were out fishing in the Motu river on a sunny morning. "How come we aren't catching any fish"? Complained Quentin. "I don't know but we will catch some soon"replied dad. "Just be patient" whispered Jakob. Time passed and it was almost morning tea with koroua asleep and nothing in the chilly bin for dinner! "I'm hungry dad, is there anything to eat"? moaned Quentin. kaore he kai  replied dad. Ok moaned Quentin with a little voice. Time was fast with nothing in the chilly bin but something weird was going to happen and it won't be good! "Hey guys I think I have caught something and it's big alright"said Jakob. "Look at the size of that giant sea monster" squealed Quentin it's bigger than the whole ocean! Um koroua? I think it might be time to use the big guns like right know whispered Jakob. What did you say yelled koroua! I said I think it might be time to use the big... VROOM! Guns sighed Jakob. It was almost night still nothing in the bin but something mystical was about to happen! HEY! Yelled Quentin look at the water its bubbling! Is that a fish no it's a mermaid no it's a shark no no no is Tangaroa! Yes a maori God here to help but still nothing in the bin and it's almost midnight! Tangaroa said in a rough voice "what's the problem? "A sea monster is eating all the fish" cried Quentin! "Ok I will wipe it out with a giant wave! Yelled Tangaroa. Splash! "Now catching fish won't be a problem in ten minutes"... ten minutes later. Hey I think I caught one, me 2, me 3, me 4! Happiness flooded the Motu, and they all lived happily ever after! The End

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