Thursday, 31 March 2016

Reading task

Name of book: Kapa Haka 
Target: I think I would get a green because I got it finish quickly and I think it is really good quality.
Description: this is a expansion of why the Kapa Haka group acted the way they did
WALT Explain why a character acted the way they did
Buddy mark: I think that you deserve a green and that you have done a good job. Signed Jamie
The Kapa Haka group would have been acting very very nervous because they would have had  heaps of pressure on them with all the practicing and performing in front a bunch of big crowds.  But also they would have been relieved after they had performed because the pressure would have gone. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


The world spins completely in 24 hours. 12 of 360 is 30 and 24 of 360 is 15 
I have friends coming to stay and they are cycling fans so I want to take them on a cycle trip around Palmerston North for a day. I can cycle 15 - 30 km in the day, so that’s how far I’ll plan the tour. Plan the route with some clear directions, the places of interest we’ll visit, the distances for each part of the trip and an approximate timeline for the day.

45 degrees 90 degrees 135 degrees 180 degrees 225 degrees 270 degrees 315 degrees 360 degrees
North east south west
WAL position and orientation
Description: this is our geometry slide with knowledge stuff and tasks and a hole load of stuff and this is some of my task 1 and some maths with James. Start at Papaioea park, go west up Featherston street, turn north up Russell street and then west down Tramaine ave ( this is not complete).


El Rancho arguing

Description: This is our aguememt about if El Rancho is a safe place or not.
WALT write a pursuasive argument!
Green target
It's awesome a masterpiece definitely a green target 

Is El Rancho (in Waikane) a safe and friendly environment? Some people think it is, smarter people like you and me look for the dangerous things on the inside. This is why I confidently disagree with this statement! 

Firstly I would like to tell you the dangerous things in the realm of El Rancho. They have rifles there and some people aren't good at listening to instructions that are given. This is the first step to danger. Later on it is their turn and they have no idea how to shoot the rifle. This is dangerous!

Secondly, there are cabins that other people have slept in and they might have left marks that might be inappropriate or very silly. It also can affect your children. This is not very safe, nice or good for your young children. 

Thirdly and finally the water activities are very dangerous because you can drown. The pool is very deep at one end and some people can't swim properly and could drown. On the water slide it goes very fast and you could fall out and might break a bone. The pond for kayaking is very deep and you could flip out. Your life jacket might not be working propaly and you might drown, which is very dangerous!

Therefore I believe that I have shown you that El Rancho is definitely not a completely safe and friendly environment. After explaining all the dangerous activities and all about the cabins do you agree with me or not

Thursday, 17 March 2016

El Rancho

In week 6 the year 5 & 6 went to El Rancho. It is a camp ground in Waikanae.
WALT build a positive relationship 
Yellow target
I think you get a green because I think your pictures are clear

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Walt do geometry 

I did task 2  on the passport

Description: we have been doing geometry this week for maths this is our passport

Okātia writing

Descption: we were retelling the story of Okātia in our own words with our whanau groups

Walt retell the story of Okātia 

Retold by Quentin Durston and Tui Joseph.

Many, many centuries ago, when technology wasn't even thought of, there was  an enormous, muscular, mighty totara tree. It was tougher than any other tree that ever lived! In it lived a spirit! His name was Okātia. One day the birds told him something about Moana. He also heard that Moana was bigger than him! He was furious and full of anger! He tugged his roots out of the ground, and he started stomping like a giant dinosaur crushing the trees with his giant roots!

Retold by  Grace Berkeley And Quiana Rastrick 

Okātia was tumbling and turning through the forest with rage. The ground shook with power. Okātia demolished the trees as his roots went past. Tāne was enraged, his children were being crushed! Okātia felt even more angry. he didn't want anyone or anything bigger than him! He said that he was the best out of everything! The sea called Okātia and he got more and more determined to get there! The ground shook with lots of power! He started carving the gorge by crushing and destroying the great wall of rock!

Retold by Memphis Winterburn and Zyd E.

When Okātia got through the gorge he found Foxton beach. He was sinking very very fast like he was in quicksand. He didn't like it! Soon he ran into the water and he was drowning in the water as fast as a ferrari on a race track. He was coming a part of the sea. He tasted salt water and it was the most disgusting water he had ever tasted. Okātia was being dragged out into the sea! In a minute or two Okātia was gone far out in the sea and was never seen again.

That is really good Quentin 
Green target