Tuesday, 22 March 2016

El Rancho arguing

Description: This is our aguememt about if El Rancho is a safe place or not.
WALT write a pursuasive argument!
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It's awesome a masterpiece definitely a green target 

Is El Rancho (in Waikane) a safe and friendly environment? Some people think it is, smarter people like you and me look for the dangerous things on the inside. This is why I confidently disagree with this statement! 

Firstly I would like to tell you the dangerous things in the realm of El Rancho. They have rifles there and some people aren't good at listening to instructions that are given. This is the first step to danger. Later on it is their turn and they have no idea how to shoot the rifle. This is dangerous!

Secondly, there are cabins that other people have slept in and they might have left marks that might be inappropriate or very silly. It also can affect your children. This is not very safe, nice or good for your young children. 

Thirdly and finally the water activities are very dangerous because you can drown. The pool is very deep at one end and some people can't swim properly and could drown. On the water slide it goes very fast and you could fall out and might break a bone. The pond for kayaking is very deep and you could flip out. Your life jacket might not be working propaly and you might drown, which is very dangerous!

Therefore I believe that I have shown you that El Rancho is definitely not a completely safe and friendly environment. After explaining all the dangerous activities and all about the cabins do you agree with me or not

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