Tuesday, 22 March 2016


The world spins completely in 24 hours. 12 of 360 is 30 and 24 of 360 is 15 
I have friends coming to stay and they are cycling fans so I want to take them on a cycle trip around Palmerston North for a day. I can cycle 15 - 30 km in the day, so that’s how far I’ll plan the tour. Plan the route with some clear directions, the places of interest we’ll visit, the distances for each part of the trip and an approximate timeline for the day.

45 degrees 90 degrees 135 degrees 180 degrees 225 degrees 270 degrees 315 degrees 360 degrees
North east south west
WAL position and orientation
Description: this is our geometry slide with knowledge stuff and tasks and a hole load of stuff and this is some of my task 1 and some maths with James. Start at Papaioea park, go west up Featherston street, turn north up Russell street and then west down Tramaine ave ( this is not complete).


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