Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Prep reflection

Description: This is my prep reflection. We had three different hats, yellow hat for your success, black hat for your challenges and blue hat for what to do next time.

Evaluation: Green target

W.A.L.T write a reflection.

feedback/feedforward: you're thinking forward is amazing. Put them in paragraphs  

I was successful, because I had a lot of support the whole time. My team was really helpful, because they listened to me and we all participated in our product. Our group was successful, because we were getting along and weren't fighting. Our parents helped a lot and made our product successful. 
It was challenging when Maia left but we handled it well. It was difficult melting the chocolate, but my mum saved us and brought in her fondu set. It was hard getting a lighter to melt the chocolate, but we got one. The budgeting sheet was difficult, because it was confusing and it kept glitching. It was challenging when Jamie was sick, because I was alone. The maze was challenging, because the walls wouldn't stand up, but my mum helped.
Next time
Next time I could choose people who I don't usually work with and try something new. I could be a bit more creative and take risks, because I think I was holding back. I could try doing something everyone likes not just kids or adults. I could also try to make new friends in the process.

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